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Hear Me Think Out Loud by Matthew McGrath

Waiting, amid the jealousy. 

Loads of watery tears!

Wanting and yearning for normalcy.

Keeping a wound for years.

Maladaptive truancy, lapses as time goes by, 

And losing patience wavers me and calms my angry sigh.

I understand sadness as it permeates my soul!

Taking away my potency and never leaving me whole.

Masking my feelings of worthlessness leaves me alone, full of regret,

Feeding my insecurities, taking time to forget.

‘Twas the ignorance of well-meaning people who started this charade!

That speaking words equals intelligence and fear led their parade.

Autistics who don’t talk have plenty of words to say.

I know as I am nonspeaking and wrote this here today.

Longing to say to hurtful looks, that I am not a freak!

Painful to many of us; forward and bleak.

Look at us, as love leaves lasting memories.

Love creates presence in awesome trajectories.

May people who don't speak, learn to pursue answers, leaving the toll behind.

Making the leap into kindness, promoting inclusion for humankind.

That includes all of us, you and me.

Making the trip on this loving journey worry free.

The reward is already here, taking fearlessness into our hands.

Preparing for a life worth living; being proud and taking a stand!

Good times are ahead and the world is ready to see,

That nonspeaking autistics, speak their minds differently.

My name is Matthew McGrath and I am a non speaking autistic. I use a letter board to communicate. I am 18 years old and I live in Quebec. Advocating for the rights of non speaking autistics is my main focus. Making a difference in the lives of non speaking autistics leaves me always pushing forward. I am longing to lose the stigma that we are not competent and intelligent people. 

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